Benefits of ExcelSafe

Instant Spreadsheet Protection and Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

ExcelSafe makes your spreadsheets compliant with 21 CFR 11:

All compliance features work automatically, once the spreadsheet is opened, including:

No Changes to Existing Spreadsheets

ExcelSafe works with your existing spreadsheets, without having to make any changes to the spreadsheets or how you use them to collect data.

Simple to Use

ExcelSafe is extremely simple to use. Users select their spreadsheet through ExcelSafe’s searchable and customizable list of spreadsheets. Once spreadsheets are opened, they use Excel normally.

Easy to Implement

ExcelSafe is extremely flexible and easy to install. ExcelSafe was designed to require minimal administration or support from IT. Many ExcelSafe implementations can be performed remotely. ExcelSafe:

Powerful Data Mining Tools

ExcelSafe allows administrators to search all spreadsheet data, query, and customize the outputs. ExcelSafe allows administrators to:

Monitor All Changes to All Spreadsheets in Real-Time

The ExcelSafe audit trail allows administrators to see all changes to all spreadsheets . This allows you to know exactly who is adding, editing, or deleting spreadsheet data.

Facilitates Spreadsheet Validation

Try ExcelSafe with your MS Excel spreadsheets.

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ExcelSafe standardizes compliance features and makes spreadsheet validation easier. Instead of having to individually protect each spreadsheet, ExcelSafe provides protection to all spreadsheets

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