New Features in Version 2.2!

Simplified Security Setup

Just enter the names of the security groups you want to use and what permissions they should have in the program, then let the Toolkit do the rest. It will even provide a final report that shows what permissions were applied to your program.

New Features Added to the Search Engine

Support for Encryption and Biometrics

To enhance the security and integrity of your records, you now have the option of encrypting any field, record, or table within your database. For signatures, users can now take advantage of the biometric user authentication provided by OnlyU from ISA Automation

Support for User Proximity Detection

The Toolkit has always included the ability to lock your program after a period of inactivity, and now it also provides support for external proximity detection. We provide one proximity detector with each new Toolkit sold, and you can order additional units from us for all of your users.

Time Synchronization Features

You can now get the time recorded within your program from an external time server, so you don’t have to depend on users having the correct time set on their computers. You can also specify different time zones to use if your database is shared with international users.

Enhanced Event Logging

Record the full printed name of all logins, including the name of the computer they logged in from and the network login ID.