FastVal Traceability Matrix

FastVal automatically generates a Requirements Traceability Matrix for all projects. When project requirements are defined, FastVal automatically begins generating the link between system requirements and corresponding test cases. FastVal users can link requirements to test cases or specific test case steps for even greater traceability. Any gaps in the FastVal traceability matrix are clearly displayed, both on the appropriate requirement and on the first page of the report. The traceability matrix updates automatically, even if the documents are edited.


FastVal Traceability Matrix Front Page

Front page from the Requirements Traceability Matrix, generated from FastVal


FastVal Traceability Matrix Detail

Detail from the FastVal Traceability Matrix, displaying an unlinked requirement

How the FastVal Requirements Traceability Matrix Benefits Your Validation Group

The Requirements Traceability Matrix links requirements throughout the validation process. The purpose of the traceability matrix is to ensure that all requirements defined for the system are tested in the test protocols. The traceability matrix is both a tool for the validation team to ensure that requirements are not lost during the validation project and for auditors to review the validation documentation. The FastVal Requirements Traceability Matrix provides an easy visual reference to see which requirements do not have associated specifications or test cases written. It also allows auditors to review the validation documentation to see how requirements are tracked throughout the validation project.

FastVal Validation Document Generation

FastVal includes templates for all validation documents, including traceability matrices. Validation document content can be configured to your organization’s specific needs and exported to any MS Word document. FastVal can create any validation document your process requires, including:

FastVal Key Features