Risk Assessments

In validation, Risk Assessment documents potential business and compliance risks associated with a system and the strategies that will be used to mitagate those risks. Risk Assessments justify allocation of validation resources and can streamline the testing process. They also serve as a forum for users, developers, system owners, and quality to discuss the system which can have other intangible benefits. 21 CFR 11 does not require risk assessments, but Annex 11 does require a risk-management strategy.

Assigning risk should be a multi-disciplinary function. System owners, key end-users, system developers, information technology, engineers, and Quality should all participate if they are involved with the system. The Risk Assessment should be signed by the personnel who participated in the assessment.

Risk Assessment Examples

There are many methods for Risk Assessment, but they generally all include rating risk for each requirement in at least three specific categories:

Alternative Document Names and Acronyms

The following terms or abbreviations are sometimes used: Risk Assessment, RA

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