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KF Comm from Spectrum Laboratories uses ExcelSafe

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KF Comm for ExcelSafe


SpectrumLabs.com is a leader in the manufacture and supply of single-use hollow fiber filtration modules and tangential flow filtration systems for the Diagnostic, Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical Industries. In addition to the largest selection of single-use hollow fiber filters, Spectrum’s KrosFlo® process filtration products include filtration systems for tangential flow filtration and bioreactor perfusion.

SpectrumLabs’s KF Comm is a software program that allows users to collect real-time data from the KR2i or KMPi pumps and auxiliary components (optional scales, pumps, and valves) in a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.

The software records 12 real-time operating parameters:

  • Time
  • Inlet Pressure
  • Retentate Pressure
  • Permeate Pressure
  • Feed Flow Rate
  • Pump RPM
  • Pump Mode (7 different Pump modes)
  • Permeate Flow Rate (with optional auxiliary pump)
  • Notes (Alarm, Process Status, Functions)
  • Diafiltration Flow Rate ( with optional auxiliary pump)
  • Feed Scale Weight ( with optional auxiliary scale)
  • Permeate Scale Weight ( with optional auxiliary pump)
  The software Calculates 8 parameters:
  • Transmembrane Pressure (TMP)
  • Permeate Flow Rate (with no optional auxiliary pump)
  • Retentate Flow Rate (with no optional auxiliary pump)
  • Flux
  • Pressure Drop (ΔP)
  • Volumetric Throughput (VT)
  • Concentration Factor
  • Shear

All process parameters are recorded at user-defined intervals eliminating the need for manual recording. In doing so, KF Comm enables quick analysis using Excel graphs and facilitates optimization, scale-up and process documentation. SpectrumLabs.com uses ExcelSafe™ to provide compliance with 21 CFR11 in the KF Comm software.

ExcelSafe is available for the following versions of KF Comm software;

  • KMPi: Process Controls and Data Collection Software for Pilot-scale Bioprocessing (more info)
  • KR2i: Data Collection Software for R&D Scale Bioprocessing (more info)

Pricing Information

For KF Comm to be 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant it needs to be used with a KF Comm Compliant Workbook and interface with the Ofni Systems’ ExcelSafe™ software package.

      • The price for a KF Comm validation package bundled with ExcelSafe is $10,995.

We also can provide a complete validation package for KF Comm. Each validation package includes a Functional Specification, Design Specification and Installation/Operational Test Protocol. The validation package also includes an example execution of the test protocol and a Validation Summary Report. There is also a separate validation package for ExcelSafe.

      • Validation Package for both KF Comm Software and ExcelSafe: $5,995
      • Validation Package for KF Comm Software only: $2,495 each

Contact Ofni Systems or Spectrum Labs for more information about ExcelSafe or the KF Comm software.