Failure to Validate

Warning Letter: Failure to validate computer software (ucm377116)

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Failure to validate computer software for its intended use according to an established protocol, as required by 21 CFR 820.70(i). For example, your firm uses [redacted] to generate, store, and disseminate standard operating procedures, forms, and other records. [redacted] is also used by your firm to generate and store Device History Records (DHRs) and other quality system data. During the inspection, your firm indicated that the procedure titled, “Validacion del software utilizado en el sistema de calidad, GC-E-07-49, Rev. 00,” dated March 14, 2011, states that validation is concentrated on software and documents used in the quality system since there is no software used in your firm’s manufacturing equipment. However, your firm could not produce any evidence to demonstrate that the software programs were validated for their intended use.

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Warning Letter: Failure to maintain quality system requirements (ucm152423)

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Failure to establish and maintain an adequate organizational structure to assure that quality system requirements are fully met, as required by 21 C.F.R. § 820.20(b). For example, your Quality Assurance Department consists of one individual, the Quality Manager, who is responsible for implementation of your CAPA system, quality audits, document control, training, developing procedures, conducting process validations, and all other aspects of your quality system for both medical and non-medical products. During the inspection your quality manager stated that he lacked sufficient time and resources to complete many of the Quality System requirements. Additionally, you stated that your quality system has not kept pace with the growth of your firm’s business.

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